• Stabilize disturbed areas 

  • Silt fence installation (Regular or Super Silt reinforced fence)

  • Storm drain inlet protection options:  

    • Siltworm ​

    • Silt sacks 

    • Straw wattles 

    • Gravel dams 

  • Seed and straw installation 

  • Hydro Seeding 

  • Curlex Excelsior Blanket installation 

  • Check Dam installation 

  • Street sweeping 

  • Install temporary concrete wash out pit 

  • Bio retention pond 

  • Bio retention swale 

  • Rain garden

Environmental Site Solutions, LLC

Environmental Site Solutions was created to provide builders throughout Middle Tennessee with erosion control and concrete washout containers. Our concrete washout system consists of metal containers similar to dumpsters. These containers are water tight which prevents concrete washout and sediment from leaking into the soil. Our goal in creating this company is to maintain an environmentally friendly work site for our clients. Today, ESS has a working relationship with six of the largest homebuilders in the nation: Meritage Homes, Signature Homes, Pulte /Centex Homes, Century Communities, NVR Inc., and David Weekly Homes.  


Siltworm™ is a polypropylene geotextile tube filled with a blend of recycled wood products. Installing Siltworm™ is simple yet effective. Its superior filtration rates greatly reduces erosion. This type of erosion control is both environmentally friendly and economical. 

Eco Friendly 

Manufactured from recycled products. 

Reduces waste by reusing Siltworm™.

Earn LEED points using Siltworm™.

Biodegradable and reusable. 


This product is typically laid on top of the group along a down-slope area. This placement is to prevent and reduce erosion. 

Siltworm™ is either lapped or butted at the ends to create a continuous line of defense. 

The first water that contacts Siltworm™ will naturally secure the tube into place. 


Limited staking requirements. 

No equipment needed.

Easy access to site and can easily be placed on frozen ground. 

Its flexible structure allows Siltworm™ to be wrapped around storm inlets.

Rated #1 Product by EPA

Siltworm™ is more effective than traditional silt fencing. It reduces 72% of sedimentation relative to traditional silt fencing while increasing runoff flow by 50%.

It maximizes erosion control. 

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